American people want security & a wall on our southern border

Barrier fence in Nogales, Arizona

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Since the founding of our nation its purpose has been to protect the lives, liberty and security of its citizens; but recently our nation is going through an identity transformation and getting away from the traditional values of our Founding Fathers caused by the influence of Democrats with socialists and liberal ideologies and without the fear of God. Many states and many members in Congress are no longer protecting our citizens and their rights to protect the rights of illegal immigrants and this is not what our Constitution established in the Bill of Rights. Our members of Congress have been elected by the people and to serve its citizens and not engaging in protecting the rights of people entering the United States illegally. Our immigration laws and the priorities of our elected members of Congress are totally disconnected with the real problems affecting our nation today. Americans want legal and orderly immigration and immigrants respecting our laws and follow the process obtaining legal status, and eventually citizenship.

It is sad witnessing how the Democrats are becoming partners with the criminals themselves by supporting the illegal immigration of criminals from other countries and endorsing Sanctuary Cities. Is this what we want from the elected members of Congress?

It is obvious that the Democrats do not longer care about protecting the American people and refuse approving the funds requested by the President to build a wall or barrier on the southern border to stop the influx of criminals, M-13 gang members, drug and human trafficking, sexual predators, murderers and terrorists in our nation. Statistics in recent years demonstrate that many illegal immigrants are committing crimes and murdering innocent Americans in many cities and the Democrats do not want to admit this fact. Democrats want “Open Borders.”

Democrats with socialist’s and liberal’s agendas are becoming the real obstructionist in Congress and in several states, and willing to sacrifice the safety of our citizens to satisfy political gains and go against the President.

Democrats in Congress, and the liberal media, are claiming that the request by the President Trump of $5 Billion to build a wall or barrier is a waste of money and that the money already allocated in the budget for border security is adequate to stop illegal immigrants crossing the border. They claim that new technology, drones and more border patrols will stop the influx of illegal immigrants, and this is a fantasy. In many areas the existing walls are only 8 feet high and falling apart and anyone could jump these walls and it is impossible for border patrols and new technology to cover every minute of the day and every mile of the border to stop it.

The latest incident is the killing of a police officer in California by an illegal immigrant and member of a Mexican gang. Where are the democrats to condemn this killing and get on it to stop the influx of criminals from Central America and Mexico? This fatal incident could have been prevented by having a wall or barrier on the southern border and passing tougher immigration laws.

Brothers and Sisters in Christ, the Democrats are becoming the new enemies in America. It is time for Congress to approve the funds to build more walls or barriers on our southern border and pass a Comprehensive Immigration Law.
Pray for our nation and for our President and the elected members of Congress that the fear of God come upon them to deliver in a bipartisan approach on what is good for the nation and its citizens.

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