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Our Story


We cannot ignore our responsibilities as citizens by allowing liberal ideologies reshaping the future of this nation of Christian principles. As soldiers for our Lord, we will stand up in defense of our faith, and in these historical times, it is essential for all Americans of Faith to take an active role in the political process of our country.


"Committed to disseminate conservative values, protect our Republic, our democracy, our liberties and promote ethics, honesty and transparency in government."

"Committed to our God, our Country, the marriage institution, the family, the right to life, our faith and the future of this nation."




* Develop strategies to deal with social issues
* Take a pro-active role helping the under privileged
* Sponsor and support fund raising programs to help the needy
* Establish "Quick Responses" to the liberal media and judges legislating from their judicial benches


* Develop strategies to unite Americans of Faith
* Take a pro-active role protecting Marriage and the Sanctity of Human Life
* Reach out to faith leaders for their support on issues affecting Americans of Faith
* Engage with Faith Organizations of all denominations, Political Action Committees and Foundations to advance projects dealing with our faith



* Disseminate conservative values and develop opinions related to political issues affecting Americans of Faith
* Mobilize the Americans of Faith grassroots nationwide to support candidates running for public office sharing our Christians values and convictions
* Protect our constitution and our liberties by taking an active role in government affairs on issues related to Federal and State laws affecting Americans of Faith

* Promote conservative principles among Americans of Faith in our communities and throughout the nation
* Notify Americans of Faith with ALERTS about unacceptable policies and legislation being considered by the U.S. Congress or State Houses. At the same time, seek the support of Americans of Faith by sending emails, letters and making telephone calls to Federal and State Senators and Representatives expressing our opposition,there are Freedom of political expression, Freedom of speech, Freedom of the press and Freedom of Religion
* NAFAPAC fully supports the United States of America and its Constitution. NAFAPAC supports "One Nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all
* Promote ethics, honesty and transparency in the procedures and conduct by the Federal State and local governments and by elected public officials
* Promote less government interference in the private affairs of all citizens and private bussses


* Promote "Free Market Economics" as the most efficient approach to create economic growth in our economy
* Support the restructuring of the Internal Revenue Service with a creation of a "Fair Tax" for all taxpayers and small businesses
* Support the exploration of oil in the U.S. territorial waters, construction of Atomic Energy Power Plants, wind mill and solar power generation, ethanol fuel production and research for new types of fuels and batteries to achieve total independence from foreign oil



* Promote a Federal Balanced Budget
* Promote restraint in Federal, State, County and City Expenditures
* Oppose the Bailouts of private industries and financial institutions using Federal funds


* NAFAPAC believes that the interpretations of the laws by liberal judges legislating from the bench are dangerous for our society, for our values and for our freedom of religion
* The U.S. Supreme Court Judges will retire, and new Judges will be appointed. For Americans of Faith, this is the most crucial issue and our voices must be heard on these appointments. Judges with liberal records, and against Christian values, can affect our liberties to practice our faith; therefore, our voices must be heard on these appointments.


*** NAFAPAC will be active and vigilant on the selection of these Federal Judges by making telephone calls, sending emails and writing letters to the President of the United States and members of the U.S. Congress opposing or supporting these appointments. ***



* The United States of America is a Republic formed by 50 States of the Union. Its form of government is known as a Democracy in which the supreme power is held completely by the people under a free electoral system protected under the Constitution and Bill of Rights
* In a Democracy, all members of the society have equal access to power and enjoy recognized freedom and liberties established under the Constitution in a Democracy

join us figthing the good figth...

God did not call us to be silent witnesses. Americans of Faith, Republicans, Democrats and Independents, join us so our voices can be heard at all levels of government and by all citizens in defense of the Christian principles by which this nation and its constitution were created.