Democrats in Congress want to control our life with a new Climate Change proposal


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Now we have a new class of elected liberal and socialist members of Congress proposing a “Climate Change,” better known as the “Green New Deal.” This proposal will destroy our economy and the basic principles established by our Founding Fathers when they created this nation.

The “Green New Deal” proposal recently presented by several liberal and socialist members of Congress is incoherent and it will bring our nation back to the “age of the caverns.”  This “Green New Deal” is a socialist attempt to take over our democratic system and our lives, and it is already known from world history that socialism and capitalism have never been able to coexist.  Furthermore, Socialism is jealous of personal success and it destroys the self determination of individuals.

These new members of Congress want to tax the millionaires at a much higher tax rate to pay for their ridiculous programs.  But, taxing the millionaires at the tax rate they are proposing will not generate enough revenues to pay for it and they will have to go back to the middle class taxpayers with more tax increases to pay for it.

It is a known fact that, most of the so called millionaires are actually small businesses creating most of the jobs in the Unites States today. But, increasing the taxes to this group will force small businesses to cut down the staff and hourly employees to compensate for the tax increases to keep their businesses profitable and able to survive in a hostile federal government environment. This “Green New Deal” proposal will create an unemployment crisis in the nation, generate less revenue, and it can cause a new recession.

This “Green New Deal” proposal will create more dependency of Americans in our Federal Government, and that is exactly what the socialist elite want for the United States.   They want to control our lives under a socialist regime.

The “Green New Deal” proposal wants to eliminate planes and air traveling, cars using combustion engine (Gasoline and fuel oil), eliminate the fossil fuel industry, create more regulations forcing home owners to retrofit their homes with energy saving devices, solar panels and spend thousands of dollars to comply with federal “Green New Deal” regulations. Another ridiculous proposal by the “Green New Deal” proponents is to go after “cows” producing carbon emissions. This is insane and a fantasy! This “Green New Deal” proposal can be compared to a plan put together by a group of inexperienced Sixth Grade Elementary school students without any experience in economy principles or social problems.

Repeating again, the “Green New Deal” proposal is another tactic by liberals and socialist members of Congress to control our lives. One thing I can say, this “Green New Deal” is toxic and will split the Democrat voters in 2020. Today, I predict that this “Green New Deal” will be a “mine of gold” for the Republicans. If the Democrats running for President in 2020 embrace this deal, President Trump will be easily reelected in 2020 with an overwhelming majority as did President Ronald Reagan in his second term in 1984.

For us Christians, THIS IS THE TIME TO STAND STRONG AND UNITED. We must rise to the occasion to defeat members of Congress endorsing this “Green New Deal”, and boycott every institution, every university, every entertainment personality, every news media and every company supporting this anti capitalist ideology.

Today, I encourage you to be more active on the political process and become more aware of the current problems affecting our nation. Join our NAFAPAC organization and our team of conservative leaders working to protect our country, our freedom of religion, our right to life and our democracy.

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